Saturday, November 22, 2014

Bahamas International Film Festival

With The Bahamas International Film Festival less than one month away, the local expression, "It just keeps getting better," comes to mind.

To announce the well-received upcoming event, BIFF Founder and Executive Director Ms. Leslie Vanderpool recently launched the official 2014 BIFF poster - which also keeps getting better with each year.

For more info on the annual event, visit:

Monday, November 10, 2014

A Good Beach Read

Until recently, I've concentrated on reading one book at a time. Not sure why, but I now have anywhere from five or more books in various stages of reading. 

Yesterday, while packing for the beach, I had to decide: which book should I bring?

The Gold Finch by Donna Tartt, an excellent and colorful story, with almost 800 hundred pages, is a heavy tome to lug. The Art of Racing in The Rain by Garth Steina good story as well, although, I can't get myself to read the last chapter - at least not yet. Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott is writing related, a topic I wanted a break from. Confessions of A Murder Suspect (recommended by my 13 year-old granddaughter!!!) by James Patterson, didn't fit my sunny mood; I wasn't planning on killing anyone at the beach.

The final book under consideration, The Fault in Our Stars (also recommended by my 13 year-old granddaughter) by John Green, remained unread and twinkled at me. I grabbed it. 

A Good Beach Read

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

NaNoWriMo and Abulia

I’m suffering from two lovely days here in The Bahamas. Suffering, since most of the time I complain about not being home in New York, enjoying family and four different seasons. Not today. No, today I'm quite happy to be where I am. The weather is just as I like it - windy and cool.

How could I not like it? The windows are fully open and a breeze flows, causing things to rattle, swing and sing. Palm tree branches are busy flapping melodically, while the high tide is topped with white choppy waves. Oh, what a glorious day! I am so blessed. I might just whistle while I write.

On days like these, I get concerned for tourists here for the weather. This is not The Bahamas they expected, not with the sand kicking up on the beach and the wind whipping about. Did they even pack sweaters? I'm sure if I look, I'll still see some brave tourists in skimpy suits sunning on the beach. They might even be swimming. Die hearts can, of course, be found anywhere. I'll tell you one thing: Even if I swim all year round in The Bahamas, you won't catch too many Bahamians in the water at this time of year; that’s for true!

All these thoughts are all blowing my way while I sit at my writing desk, facing the canal. With the sliding glass door open, all that separates me from outside is the mosquito screen. I inhale deeply. I so appreciate the cooler air, with the breeze now hitting my bare feet. Maybe it’s due to the screen and the implications of holding something back, but I find myself thinking of the starting gate at a race. Why is that? I'm not starting anything – not today, at least. Yes, I am writing this new post, but other than that – nothing else new. Hmmm. What could it be? NaNoWriMo, (National Novel Writing Month)? Even NaNo's not new; it started on November 1st when I couldn't decide – should I or shouldn't I? If I wait much longer, there's less chance of getting it all done in time. Ticktock, ticktock.

Wow, it just came to me. While on the phone this morning I told someone how indecisive I was about doing a certain thing. Now I realize: If nothing bad comes from deciding to do something, why not do it!

Now I've done it. I set myself up. Guess you think I'm going to dive in and write a 50,000 word novel this NaNoWriMo month. Guess again. Although nothing bad will come from it, I’m still indecisive. Maybe I'm kin to actor Jeff Bridges whose mom says he suffers from something called abulia - a difficulty in making decisions.

Come to think of it, I might sit here and enjoy the breeze a little longer. After that, who knows! 

Catch ya later.

(Thanks to Rolling Harbour Abaco for joining JeralynWrites :) 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Part Two: A Celebrity of the Most Unusual Kind

Clumps of fish netting lie drying on this wooden dock in Cherokee Sound, Abaco. Minus the culling of seagulls flying above and fish splashing below, this is a quiet spot in the Bahamas. Quiet until my celebrity of the most unusual kind bubbles up to the surface.

When I visited Cherokee and walked the narrow pathway towards the dock, I had no idea something weird and large waited in the water below. One look and I knew: I  had never seen anything like it.

It hugged the side of the dock in a half circular fashion. The motionless thing I stared at looked like an over-sized tire. While trying to figure it out, the tire-thing moved. I jumped and shrieked loudly, 'What the hell is that?'

Ceddie, a Cherokee Sound denizen, sat on the upper dock smiling. He nonchalantly said, "Oh, that's Georgie. She's our resident Manatee." 

Manatee? Living mostly in The Bahamas, I'm accustomed to seeing marine life: stingrays, turtles, bright red and orange starfish; dolphins, plus plenty of fish. Georgie, however, is my first manatee.

Ceddie gave me the scoop about Georgie: Born in Spanish Wells, Bahamas, Georgie swam 48 miles with her mom, Rita to Nassau where they were rescued, cared for, armed with tracking devices and released. Afterwards, Georgie began traveling solo. 200 miles later, she turned up in the quaint settlement of Cherokee Sound.

Ceddie feeding Georgie hosed water
In Cherokee, where Georgie received celebrity treatment, she was given water from a hose and fed cabbage and lettuce on a daily basis - and lots of it. Six months into her stay, Georgie's human friends thought she looked ill. The Atlantis Marine Mammal Rescue Center agreed to treat Georgie and escorted her to Nassau. After her health improved, the Center released Georgie, this time in The Berry Islands some 90 miles from Cherokee.

Similar to lost dogs who find their way back home, Georgie crossed the ocean and returned to Cherokee Sound, Abaco where she again receives nourishment and adoration. The convenience food store in Cherokee even displays a sign announcing Georgie's return and asks all boaters to dock with care to prevent injury of their resident celebrity.

Feeding Georgie lettuce
My biggest thrill was feeding Georgie lettuce and cabbage. After Ceddie told me that Georgie has soft teeth, I wasn't afraid when her ball-like mouth grazed over my hand to take the food.

Courtesy of Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization
Click here and scroll down then page to watch "Georgie" The Manatee Movie: On Location at Cherokee, Abaco

Have an unusual celebrity? I'd love to read about it.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Part One: A Celebrity of the Most Unusual Kind

Guess who I met on the picturesque island of Abaco?  Oh, shucks. I'll give you a hint. She's a celebrity of the most unusual kind!

If you don't already know, Abaco is a 35 minute flight from Nassau, the capital of The Bahamas. Flying there, it's hard not to appreciate the various shades of blue-greens smiling up from the great sea below. The sight of it made me almost ask, "Are we there yet?" I even took a moment to thank The Creator for coloring our world with such beauty. 

Before meeting the unexpected celebrity, days were spent at a luxurious oceanfront home in Bahama Palm Shores. Do I need to say - Breathtaking? When I looked down the angled cliff, I stared in amazement at a beach completely void of people. The writer in me smiled at the idyllic, peaceful scene.

From there, a 40 minute car ride took me back in time - to Cherokee Sound, a small tucked-away settlement. Trust me - if you aren't looking for it, chances are you won't find it!

At the entrance to Cherokee, a sign requests all visitors to park and walk. On foot, I followed a narrow path which weaved around the tidy settlement. I found the cottages modest and sweet; colorful and joyous; filled with ultra friendly people.

The famous Long Dock stands near the entrance of Cherokee, while two other docks are towards the rear of the settlement. I met my most unusual celebrity at the dock.

Here she is:

Yep, that's her and does she have a story to tell! It's too much to get into now, so come back for Part Two of: A Celebrity of the Most Unusual Kind.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

"The Writer's Prayer" by Fay Knowles

While I continue to author two blogs; write an occasional short story to store with others in my overflowing filing cabinet; and, most recently undertake an online writing course - (forever the student), Fay Knowles is actively getting published, and I am in awe!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sit Back or Take The Plunge

Before getting out of bed, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish during the day; not much, considering it being the weekend and sleep met me intermittently throughout the long night. Not wishing to totally waste the day, I choose two goals: write a blog post and exercise. Apart from my goals and routine daily responsibilities, if I accomplished anything else, I'd consider it icing.