Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Serious Blogger

I'm trilled that Anna, who blogs at The Writer Today has not only joined my blog by following it, she's also become a member! Thank you Anna!

I asked Anna how she found members for her blog - which she has many, she stated that she "signed up to sites like Blog Catalog, Technorati, Write Network, Digg, Stumble Upon, and Network blogs through Facebook, Twitter, etc." That's certainly a wealth of information for any budding blogger, like myself.

I see that I have lots of work to do and yet still have the marketing of "The Big Bad Rain Monster," on my To-Do List. With Christmas just around the corner, I must start plugging my book for all the little ones out there. (Hint!, Hint!, Hint!)

 As always, I am a busy girl!

I'm also pleased that Fay of Bahamas Writer has become a member. Fay writes that she "has been a feature story writer, but I love to write fiction." I've read samples of Fay's fiction and have enjoyed them all. Her posts are quite interesting and newsworthy, as well. Thank you Fay for your membership and loyal support.

And while I am writing this post, I'll mention that I have just joined Technorati, suggested by Anna. In order to complete the process, Technorati requested that I blog a new post and include my claim token - my right to their site and membership. Being a good girl, I am obeying orders. My claim token is: D5VM4NAF2CRS

In creating my profile for Technorati, I was required to include a brief bio, which I updated. I'll share it with you now as I like the first sentence most of all: 

I was a little girl when I ran away from home and left a note that read: 'I'm next door.' In retrospect, I've had the passion for writing and reading stories since early childhood. In the middle of earning my business degree, I began to turn my love for writing into a profession. A longtime writer, editor and publisher of newsletters, as well as a web designer, I am also a member of the Writing Group of The Women’s Corona Society, Nassau, The Bahamas, and the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. My first book - a children's story, "The Big Bad Rain Monster," received a 5-Star Review. Not bad for starters!

I was born and raised in New York, spending my summers and holidays in the Hamptons. I currently enjoy taking breaks from my writing by walking the beautiful beaches of The Bahamas, with my two dogs by my side.

Gee, I must be a serious blogger now, thanks to my new found friends, Anna and Technorati - and of course - Fay.

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  1. Many thanks for your encouraging words, Jeralyn! They come at just the right time when I'm wrestling with the plot and characters in a novel I'm writing. And many thanks too for all of these helpful blogger tips. I'll check them out.