Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hiding in Cluttered Closets

Not much writing going on these days @ JeralynWrites. Instead, I find myself either cleaning out drawers, or cornered in cluttered closets deciding - Do I love it; like it; or use it? - a tip I picked up from Nadia Vee, award winning Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultant. (Thank you, Nadia!) When none of these scenarios fit, I chuck the rejected item, um, donate it to The Bahamas Humane Society Thrift Shop. Why? I'm getting ready to move across the ocean!

While in the middle of sorting out the master walk-in closet, I found a friend safely hiding there - a cherished friend, in fact. We have quite a history, dating back to my teens when I traveled on bus and train for an afternoon visit. In later years, especially when I worked in Manhattan, I walked over during lunch hour, or sometimes, after work.

Maybe you and I share a similar friend? Here's a picture of him:

What's hiding in your cluttered closets?

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lifelong Friend

After spending time reading emails and a much welcomed online conversation, I took a break and went outdoors. There in the canal, I spotted a neon colored beach ball. The ball drifted alone, appearing lost at sea. It got me thinking.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Passing of Local Author - James Burnett

I'm one who believes bad news comes in threes. Sure enough, after hearing about the loss of two people I knew, I discovered the third today while reading the local paper.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Dog Lover or Not

Been thinking for quite sometime about changing the focus of this blog. The thing is, I keep mentally changing the focus so often, by the time I get around to actually changing the focus, my focus is changed!  Of lately - in my mind only, the focus is: DOGS. Losing Lady Chee-Chee just recently, as I mentioned in my earlier post, has kept me on this focus - at least temporarily until my focus changes.

Monday, April 6, 2015

In Memory of Lady Chee-Chee

Three years after publication, the pages of The Big Bad Rain Monster are well worn. On Monday of last week, these same pages were dripping with tears over the loss of its real life character, Chee-Chee.

Referred to as Lady Chee-Chee in the beautifully illustrated children's book , she left us quite suddenly, with all the grace of the Lady we knew her to be. The demon that took her wasn't thunderclap, nor lightning or any other frightening sounds found in The Big Bad Rain Monster. Her real-life demon was cancer, gone undetected up to the final hours.

Although we grieve her loss immensely, we know she is with friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, Lady Chee-Chee. You were indeed a lovely and inspiring Lady.

Lady Chee-Chee ©

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Nirvana in Bahamas

After five days, a flat and motionless aura still hovers over The Bahamas. With hot, placid days like these, I'm reminded of summertime in The Hamptons when the sea is calm; the sky, clear; and the air, dry. Yet, even for Bahamaland, it's way too early for these particular summer-like conditions. Then again, perhaps my thumbs-down cranky attitude has to do with my own personal confinement.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Writer Prone to Distractions

I've been doing a ton of writing lately. The thing is, none of my recent writings are on paper, or even here on my little blog. I call this particular ongoing dilemma: Mental Writing, where (hopefully) catchy sentences and stories bounce around in my blond head, and there, alas, they sadly remain. Most of the time while thus engaged, I'm lying on the floor keeping company with my furry blind dog. Oh, drats. Just think of all the stories I could tell - if only I wrote them down.