Sunday, November 13, 2011

My Murphy's Law on Writing

This aspect of writing, where anything can go wrong will go wrong, wasn't on the top of my posting list. In fact, I hadn't planned to introduce this topic until much later on, but something recently went terribly wrong.

My husband had a car accident. The scene was horrific, but I’ll spare the details. We spent eight long, uncertain hours in the emergency ward waiting for the results of cat scans. Miraculously, he survived with minor injuries; released from the hospital with an adequate supply of pain killers; and told to see a specialist for a condition unrelated to the accident. Perhaps the accident was a blessing, as the condition would have remained undetected.

The night of the accident, I had previously arranged to dine with friends. Being a proper diner guest, a bottle of wine rested in my car. Of course, I never made it to the dinner. While I drove the morning after the accident, I heard the forgotten wine bottle moving around in the rear of the four door Kia. A story formulated as I listened to the sound:  

Determined, she drove west. The chilled vintage Merlot rocked and rolled beneath the empty passenger seat. Annoyed by the repetitive sound, her torrid mood escalated with each turn.

That next morning, The American Women's Club expected me to discuss my book, The Big Bad Rain Monster. I planned on presenting random PDF pages forwarded by my illustrator, thereby starting the hoopla about my book, which would hopefully be available for Christmas. Due to the stressful events of the night before, I cancelled my talk, and spent the day visiting the pharmacy, insurance companies, and other non-expected places. 

The point is that Murphy’s Law is bound to befuddle an author. The best antidote is perseverance.

"The rainbow would not be without the first rain."  Author unknown.

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