Monday, December 19, 2011

Showers of Ideas

Imagine if all a writer needed for a decent story was a terrific plot; or, even a mediocre one at that. If nothing else mattered after that, well - the art of writing would be painless. 

Every writer, self-published or not, knows that it isn't just about the writing. As a result of all the gadgets available, the writer’s life is more convoluted, especially when it comes to self-publishing. 

A key way to alert bookworms that the story exists is obviously through marketing. If the self-published author doesn't market the book, chances are no one will read it.  Enter the diverse and ever improving arm of technology. 

Writer’s web sites are highly recommended, as are the usage of blogs and social networks. And, let's not forget the traditional book signings. Handy too, are promotional tools including: postcards, business cards, labels, bookmarks, flyers, posters, etc.

Thinking along those lines, and similar to a character in my upcoming book, I had a most brilliant idea! (Well, to me - a brilliant idea.) While in the shower mulling over the long list of things I needed to complete before Christmas - there, on the top of the list: Christmas cards.  Next on that growing file: designing bookmarks and business cards for my book, The Big Bad Rain Monster. That’s when I had my eureka moment.  As I lathered, I thought – why not combine the two: the Christmas cards and the bookmarks.  It made sense; I'd send a greeting card, along with a gift! Of course, my goody two-shoes persona butted in, thinking it cheesy to advertise The Big Bad Rain Monster via holiday cards. "Why not,' I said back to her. Minutes later, I went straight to the designing board and created both card and bookmark. Now, that's marketing!

 It's 6 days until Christmas.  If you're on my snail mail list, your gift is in the mail.

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