Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Exhaling Slowly

My post, dated 11/19/2011 was entitled 'My Murphy's Law on The Writing Life - Part 1.'  Way before that posting and afterwards, there have been numerous opportunities to have added parts 2, 3, 14, 25 and so forth. You get the idea. I'm tempted to title this post as a continuance, but I’ll leave future Murphy headings, for later entries.

To bring you up to speed, earlier this morning, while most of you were tucked comfortably away under the sheets, the insomniac that I am, was diligently punching out my frustrations on the keyboard to the tune of: DHL and PBE. I believe I left off saying that today, I would merely drive over to PBE, pay for DHL, return home and wait for PBE to call, stating that DHL delivered the package. Simple, right? Aha, you forget that I live in The Bahamas, and yet, beautiful as it may be, the underbelly is cramped with complications and plenty, plenty Murphy's Lawisms. (Just try acquiring all ingredients for dinner at one food store; I dare you.)

So, just as good old Murphy predicted, "If anything can go wrong, it will," it did. And, for the sake of not wearing you out with this now old tune, DHL did not deliver to PBE, nor would they without payment made directly to DHL. So, when my dear husband dropped off the $25 at PBE, they would not accept it! Not accept cash? After two additional phone calls and added frustration, I decided to ditch any further delegation and do the job myself, therefore saving any future delegates from my spiraling wrath.

Along with a much needed Starbucks, my jeep and I flew over to DHL headquarters to learn that the distribution company for my book didn't provide the full and correct address for delivery. Oh brother! And, I had to pay for not one, but two proof copies of the book. The second unexpected one cost the same as the first, so I was now minus $50 for what would have been free in the U.S. Oh dear brother!

I took some deep yoga breaths, calmly drove home and have yet to look at the book(s). I think I will save that for tomorrow, when perhaps I am a bit lighter and brighter.  And, to think, back in Florida, Karen, (a.k.a. My Awesome Illustrator) received her proof copy a week ago! Oh dear brother!  Oh dear sister!

I was just going to sign off when I noted that I have a message on my cell that says a package has arrived for me at PBE.  A 3rd proof copy?  Brother, I'm not paying for that one!

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