Tuesday, April 24, 2012

5-Star Rating and Gold Seal

I had intended for a completely different post to add here, but since my chest is currently puffed out like a proud mother swan,  I just had to share the following:

My juvenile fiction children's story, The Big Bad Rain Monster, received a 5-Star rating from ForeWord Clarion Reviews.  Since I didn't exactly understand the significance or how that ranked with other books of the same genre, I asked. 

After some very head-spinning congratulatory words, I was told, "...only about 8% of all the Clarion Reviews receive a Five Star rating. You will see a higher number of five star reviews on our website since many with a one or two star review will opt to have their review "killed"--its still far fewer than the number of three and four star reviews that are posted."  To that I'll add that my tail feathers are shaking with pride.

ForeWord Reviews further stated that they are in the process of posting the review on their site.  It should take about three days, and it will appear on the first page of the genre - the most recently posted.  Wait.  I peeked and it's already there!  https://www.forewordreviews.com/reviews/the-big-bad-rain-monster .

Additionally, ForeWord Clarion Reviews will provide their Clarion Five Star Gold Seals that can be added to the cover of the book.  Wow, a Gold Seal.  That's like going to Barnes and Noble and seeing the Gold Seals on award winning books. 

I am a very proud author and am very thankful to my awesome illustrator, Karen Hitt.  Between the two of us, we made it happen - Gold Seal and all.


  1. Jeralyn, this is fantastic news. Congratulations on the five-star rating. I followed the link to the Foreword Review and it is excellent. At your next printing, you must definitely get a gold seal on the cover!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I will definitely request the Gold Seal for future printing, and to think that it all began with an assignment; that’s really head spinning. I hope Mrs. Roundbottom is as excited as I am.