Friday, June 8, 2012


One huge misconception about living on an island is that traffic is nonexistent.  What a colossal fallacy!  The roads here are so congested that driving anywhere is an ordeal;  the roundabouts (traffic circles) are time consuming; and finding a parking spot on the main street in town is close to impossible, except maybe on weekends.  For the past two Saturdays, I’ve been living the good life, zipping through all, and actually parking my Kia Sportage directly in front of the store of my choice, with only a minimum of bothersome traffic.

My mission in town has concerned my book - The Big Bad Rain Monster. If you read this blog recently, you will remember that the story received a 5-Star Review.  (I still get the chills each time I mention that.)  Therefore, with the books that are currently on sale, I am attaching the Gold Seal sticker that coincides with the 5-Star Review.  Eventually, the seal will be imprinted on all new orders. In the meantime, I am scouting around, personally placing the stickers.  It’s been quite fun and I’ve met some lovely people, including Sue and Pat, owners of an innovative shop appropriately called “Islantique.”  Recently opened, the store caters exclusively to artists, writers and craftspeople.  So, it was truly thrilling for me when Pat and Sue mentioned that their customers would appreciate The Big Bad Rain Monster – Gold Seal and all.
Another thrill was hearing from Peggy, a local school librarian, that she absolutely could not keep The Big Bad Rain Monster on her library shelf.  Everytime a new group of children entered the library, little hands immediately snatched up The Big Bad Rain Monster.  At least dust will not have an opportunity to make friends with The Big Bad Rain Monster at that library.

I was also quite touched when not too long ago, a 20 year old college student, majoring in English and aspiring to be a writer, contacted me for tips on writing. I suggested that if she was interested in writing for children, The Writer's Guide to Crafting Stories for Children by Nancy Lamb is an excellent reference.  I also referred to Jon Franklin’s Writing for Story; Leslea Newman’s Write from the Heart; and Stephen King’s On Writing, for overall writing tips.  And, of course, I did emphasize the first rule of writing: Sit down and write!
When I reflect upon the coed, the children in the library, the shop owners that carry The Big Bad Rain Monster, the 5-Star Review/Gold Seal and two fans of The Big Bad Rain Monster who reverently declared that they had never met a real live author before, my writer’s ego does cartwheels, somersaults and even a Patangasana.  At least my ego doesn't have to fight the traffic.

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