Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Night After Wishes

And so it was the night after Christmas. 

All the gifts left by Santa were under the tree – opened. Not a toy had gone untouched, unconquered, unloved (especially the organic doggie bones.) The shiny wrapping paper, pretty ribbons and gift boxes were gone. Papa Blue Eyes had finished installing all the batteries; and Mama Angel had thoroughly cleaned the kitchen of a yummy and healthy feast.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Special Christmas Treat

Sweetie Bumpkins woke early. The cottage was still. She sensed that Mama Angel and Papa Blue Eyes were fast asleep; surprised that the dogs were too. "Oh, those lazy dogs," she muffled into her organic cotton pillow.

Looking down at the foot of the bed, she saw Sir Grumbles; his eyes completely shut with his tiny pink tongue peeking out from his white beard. Lady Chee-Chee, who had opted for her own soft round bed on the hard wooden floor, was also sleeping soundly.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Dear Santa

Season’s Greetings, 

“The Big Bad Rain Monster” is celebrating its first Christmas and there's a whirlwind of excitement settling down on Slow Turtle Lane: Mama Angel is busy baking goodies, while Papa Blue Eyes strings bright lights around the country cottage and the organic gardens. The dogs, Lady Chee-Chee and Sir Grumbles, who are both wearing festive bows, are sitting next to teeny, tiny Sweetie watching as she carefully writes her letter to Santa.

Dear Santa,