Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Night After Wishes

And so it was the night after Christmas. 

All the gifts left by Santa were under the tree – opened. Not a toy had gone untouched, unconquered, unloved (especially the organic doggie bones.) The shiny wrapping paper, pretty ribbons and gift boxes were gone. Papa Blue Eyes had finished installing all the batteries; and Mama Angel had thoroughly cleaned the kitchen of a yummy and healthy feast.

Fast asleep in her comfy bed, Sweetie snuggled with those two silly dogs, Lady Chee-Chee and Sir Grumbles. All were exhausted - all were happy. But before Sweetie drifted off to her sleepy world, she kissed and hugged her parents and said: “I've had the best Christmas ever, with the best parents ever, and I wish that all the children around the world had a Merry Christmas just like mine.”

Oh, to wish.


  1. So sweet and descriptive. You really understand what appeals to little children, Jeralyn :-)

  2. Delightful. Nostalgic, humorous and very loving.