Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Story in Every Snap

For my birthday this past November - (Yes, I am that Scorpio!) - my kids gave me a Canon S100.

It's an excellent camera; lightweight and slender, with a collapsible zoom that captures near and far. It almost makes it near to impossible to take obscure photos - a feature that rates 5-stars from me.

I virtually carry the camera wherever I go, as I never know when that perfect shot will present itself. (Cell phone pics are so-so, in comparison.)

Needless to say, I've taken numerous and some rather unusual photos, with not too much consideration about whether or not I will actually do anything with them afterwards. (It sort of reminds me of my writing: Will I publish again -  or forever file, file, file?)                                                            BPZFKUUYN36B

The picture below is one of my just had to take photos. I actually did a double take when I first came upon the scene. When I passed by again, I turned the Kia around and parked; ran across the traffic infested street and snapped. It was then that I thought about the chicken and the egg dilemma, and with the mind of a writer, I further pondered:

What comes first, the photo or the story?

"Second Chance"


  1. I've seem this boat! How clever of you to capture this image. I snap photos all the time on my camera as I drive around, and I then store them on my pc. You never know when you might need a photo for a particular story you're writing - and what joy to be able to lift just the right one out of a folder, like a rabbit out of a hat! I definitely think a lot of the time the photo comes before the story. Ideas often come from pictures - "a picture speaks a thousand words"!

    There are magazines that love to receive pics like this. Give it a try!

  2. Looking to the sea, she longs hopefully for a second chance to feel the cold, salty, waves, lift her melancholy hull.

  3. We all need a Second Chance in most things. The photo definitely inspires writing.