Monday, February 4, 2013

Arrivederci and Good Luck

It was around 15 years ago that I first saw the 1955 black-and-white movie “Summertime.”

In this romantic film, Katherine Hepburn portrays Jane Hudson, a lonely secretary from Ohio, vacationing in VeniceItaly. 

While enjoying "The City of Canals," Jane meets a charming fellow; falls passionately in love, only to discover that he is married with children. 

Somewhere long before Jane's disturbing findings - perhaps during the gondola ride, or while sitting in the piazza enjoying a silky glass of Merlot - I fell madly in love with Italy. Needless to say, Italy has been on my bucket list ever since. 

This March, I’m finally doing it.  I'm going to Italy!  Well, at least a part of me is.

March 25th-28th is the 50th anniversary of The Bologna Children's Book Fair, in BolognaItaly. “The Big Bad Rain Monster” will be in attendance.  And, during those four days, an agent will work her best to pitch the book. It's wonderful exposure for both author and illustrator. 

Of course, I'm overly tempted to join, but Sir Grumbles has ordered me to stay put!

Italy -  I'm so jealous!

 "Buona Fortuna!" 

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  1. Hey - that sounds awesome. Too bad you are not going. Maybe you need to watch the movie again.