Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tea Time for Sun Beam Girl

Once again, it’s hot tea weather here in Bahamaland. In fact, while on my early morning walks, I've noticed a few locals wearing winter coats.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Writer Today: Do You Write To Blog or Do You Blog To Write?

The Writer Today: Do You Write To Blog or Do You Blog To Write?

To be true to myself, I write. So, I blog to write and I write to blog. It's my contribution to self; and if anyone else enjoys my writing, well, then it is a gift.
I first started blogging to introduce my children's story and detail some of the bits that went into writing,
self-publishing and marketing the book.  Now, I blog as a continuation of my writing and my need to write. Blogging gives me a reason to write, and reminds me to go to my notebooks and write my stories.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Literary Contest

That's my Aunt D in the photo. Doesn't she look so happy (and proud) holding a copy of The Big Bad Rain Monster? 

I posted the photo last August, but was reminded of it now.

Recently, Aunt D mailed me a clipping from Dan's Papers, the largest weekly community newspaper and magazine service for the East End of Long Island, New York - a.k.a.,  The Hamptons.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Further Boat Messages

While reading random sections of Writer's Guide to 2013, I came upon some interesting tips shared by children's author, +Kelly Milner Halls. Aside from participating in author visits and speaking engagements, Ms. Halls commented that she too is always camera-ready. I wonder - does she have a Canon S100 like mine?

In case you didn't read my last post (naughty you!) it included a picture that I shot of an abandoned vessel that was stuck on dry land, atop coral and sand. Unfortunately for the skipper and crew, the boat was definitely going nowhere soon. But, what really caught my attention was the name: Second Chance.

While snapping that photo, I contemplated whether the not too seafaring craft had already surpassed its second chance, or was that a future voyage? I realized then more than ever that people are like boats; each headed on their own particular voyages - some moving forward, while others are stock-still.

Thinking further, I discerned that I must undoubtedly be into messages from boats these days; they seem to be sailing in to subliminally share their intuitive wisdom.

Just the other day and quite by accident, I happened down a residential, neat and tidy side street (yes - street) and saw: