Friday, March 22, 2013

Literary Contest

That's my Aunt D in the photo. Doesn't she look so happy (and proud) holding a copy of The Big Bad Rain Monster? 

I posted the photo last August, but was reminded of it now.

Recently, Aunt D mailed me a clipping from Dan's Papers, the largest weekly community newspaper and magazine service for the East End of Long Island, New York - a.k.a.,  The Hamptons.

Last year, Dan's celebrated 52 years of publication and for the first time, held a literary prize for non-fiction contest. Yes, I sent in my story, along with over 400 other entries. No, I did not win. But, I did get a chance to reminisce and exercise my writing skills - or lack thereof. And, for the first time, I got to read my story online - a thrill in itself.

Click on Dan's to read my non-literary, non-winning story!

Inspired by A Place


  1. Congratulations on coming this far with your competition entry for Dan's. This is no mean feat and most commendable. I've printed your story out to read over lunch. Keep up the good work, Jeralyn!

  2. I love your description of the things you did growing up in Noyac. What a treasury of memories you have.

  3. I like that you wrote Noyac and not Noyack!

  4. I took good note of what you wrote about this!