Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What happens after Boston?

News is really not my thing. And, it's definitely not my thing to report on the news, for that matter, nor bring it up in casual conversations. Yet once again, that all changed the other day.

Saks and St. Pat's signs
Monday afternoon, while I was joyfully reacquainting myself with old friends such as Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick's, the New York Health and Racquet Club and Rockefeller Center, bombs detonated in Boston, amidst a marathon. A day that was meant for unity and the togetherness of people from different states and countries turned into a day of devastation. It all made me wonder - not for the first time - what's wrong with the world that these horrific events continue?

While I was strolling about and enjoying my friends, looking up at tall buildings, I wasn't aware of the chaos that was terrorizing Boston; killing, maiming and causing grief to many there and throughout the world. 

I wasn't aware of it when I observed the street vendors with their wares, nor the many saddled policeman as they cantered by.

I didn't know about it when my eyes caught pairs of foot officers patrolling both sides of the street, two pairs for each street. I remember thinking that NYC still had the full force out around 42nd street and nearby areas where tourist meld. For, not only does NY try to protect citizens, the same protection is offered to visitors of The Big Apple.

I didn't know about the bombings even when my daughter and I were stuck in traffic attempting  to head for the Midtown Tunnel escaping the throngs of people, vendors, cars, police and horses.

I heard nothing of it while American Idol winner, Phillip Phillips filled the Lexus with his hits: Gone, Gone, Gone and Home. Surely if more people listened to these songs, felt the energy and humanity of them, surely these demons would put down their arsenals and end the madness. Wouldn't you think?  

I only became aware of Boston in between client meetings. We were gobbling down organic-like dinners and I happened to look at the overhead HD screen, which was in closed caption. It was then that I got my first glimpse of the tear provoking and heart wrenching details. I turned to my daughter and said, 'At a marathon, they try this?'  

Had it not been for Hurricane Sandy and the cancellation of last November's New York City Marathon, could it not have happened in New York then? It's scary to think that maybe it was even planned.

I wasn't aware when it was happening in Boston, but now that I know, I send prayers and hopefully some comfort to those in need. Of course, I join the multitudes of people all over as my heart, once again goes out to all those affected in anyway by the acts of misguided, and bad people. 

What do these evildoers prove other than they are wicked and need to be stopped?

Can we all just stop this madness?


  1. There is nothing I can say, except to go along with you in expressing deepest condolences to the victims and their families and friends. You have said it so well, Jeralyn.

  2. Sorry I missed you while in the city, but it was all around, a bad day. Like the photos and what you wrote. Just really sad that this happened.