Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healing in the Heartland

Minutes ago the winds whipped and stirred about, howling as they do. Heavy rain fell, leaving puddles island-wide large enough in some areas to reach the calf of pant legs. Not surprisingly, the internet went down; "outside" dogs barked incessantly, alarmed. Abruptly - silence followed, and perching birds could be heard singing in the ominous calm: for-chee, for-chee, for-chee.

Earlier, when there was radio reception, I heard that those students scheduled for exams were to report to school, all others were to remain home. A friend called to cancel our evening writer's meeting. She graciously organized it; planned to pop in, then depart for the airport, on her flight to England tonight. However, just reading an email alert from the US Embassy here in Nassau, odds are that the flight could be cancelled.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Allie MacPhail* Self-Published Author*

Not long after The Big Bad Rain Monster debuted in The Bahamas, I became aware of another new author and her then recently published children's book. 

It first started with a Facebook message from a friend who admirably promotes local talent and messaged "Have you heard about...?" I hadn't, but it was inevitable as shortly afterwards it seemed that Allie MacPhail and I Can't Sleep was ubiquitous in Nassau, Bahamas. I either walked into a shop where the insightful and humorous book beamed at me; read about it online without trying; or overheard critics raving about it.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Remembering Mom

Mom and I twirled through life on separate pages; the distance between us chapters long. Unlike a well written story, we rarely melded in harmony of plot or theme. We never dotted our “T’s” alike; she maintained her own point of view, while I nourished mine - deepening the conflict of our spirited characters.

Without any specific or dramatic declaration, we entered into an unraveling time in our lives where everything changed; I became an adult; an employee, and eventually a mother. I became responsible for others. I set examples. I enforced rules. I loved and I punished. I was adored and disliked.  I became my mother.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Welcome to My Weather

Here in Colorado, the white stuff is once again falling from the sky.  As I shuffled the kids off to school this cold morning, we each gazed up, opened our mouths and caught the flakes. I was a kid again.

The six or more bunnies that regularly visit the backyard, who were all sunning themselves on Sunday, are nowhere to be found. I guess I will just go out in the snow and play by myself. Don't be jealous!