Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Healing in the Heartland

Minutes ago the winds whipped and stirred about, howling as they do. Heavy rain fell, leaving puddles island-wide large enough in some areas to reach the calf of pant legs. Not surprisingly, the internet went down; "outside" dogs barked incessantly, alarmed. Abruptly - silence followed, and perching birds could be heard singing in the ominous calm: for-chee, for-chee, for-chee.

Earlier, when there was radio reception, I heard that those students scheduled for exams were to report to school, all others were to remain home. A friend called to cancel our evening writer's meeting. She graciously organized it; planned to pop in, then depart for the airport, on her flight to England tonight. However, just reading an email alert from the US Embassy here in Nassau, odds are that the flight could be cancelled.

"A broad area of moist unstable air extending southwest to northeast from the Caribbean Sea will generate heavy rainfall and thunderstorms across the entire archipelago.Conditions will be favorable for flash flood warning in low-lying areas.Winds are expected to reach 30 miles per hour or more in embedded thunderstorms.Tornadoes are likely to be spawned from the thunderstorms...The Department of Meteorology is appealing to residents in flood prone areas to be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice.Residents are advised not to drive, walk or play in flood-waters as the depth can easily be misjudged. All efforts should be made to protect lives and property..."
I'd better call my US family and alert them that chances are that I will be incommunicado over the next few days. Yet, I'm almost confident that what happens in The Bahamas will not be anywhere near to the devastation that occurred in Oklahoma last week. It seems that unfortunate acts of nature, or deranged people happens so frequently these days. (I know, I've posted that before, but it's so true and frequent.) Thankfully, there are people and organizations that are doing their best to assist. Tonight, if there is television reception, I'll be watching Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire and others as they perform "Healing in the Heartland," a fundraiser given to benefit those that suffered the Oklahoma tornado. I'll also dig into my pocket.

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