Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Readers Block

Except for the Piping Plovers with their clear whistle peeps and the small waves that battle the shore, the beach is tranquil.

Exhilarated after a vigorous swim, I lie back and stretch my arms. Aha. After being stuck indoors for too long due to constant rain and flooding, this is paradise.

A cool drink in hand, I decide to indulge in some peaceful sun-kissed reading. I grab my beach bag and search for the book, the one that was truly difficult to put down. The straw bag is fairly large and stuffed. It takes me awhile before I realize - I forgot the damn book!

Eyes shut tight, I argue about me with myself. How could I have left the book behind? How dumb. Yet, minutes later I resolve to attempt something new: relax and enjoy what's in front of me. I could do it. I could. And I try.Yet, I can't expunge the fact that I have nothing to read. It's like sitting in front of a blank piece of paper or computer screen and realize - I have writer's block!

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