Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh So Like King

I was over at The Bahamas Humane Society (Thrift Shop) donating stuff, and of course came home with purchased stuff. Go figure. Among the few items selected was Stephen Kings, Just After Sunset, a compilation of short stories - 13 to be exact. (Isn't it oh so like King to set the stories to that superstitious number!)

As my hand reached for the bestseller, I observed that the outer edges were cloaked in cobwebs; again, oh so like King. Regardless, I grabbed it. It had been on my mind to read short stories in an attempt to brush up on my own. Perhaps I'll submit one or two. Finding it there among hundreds of other possibilities was not only timely, but oh so Stephen King eerie.

There in the first few pages, King wrote: "Would I still do what I do if you (the reader) didn't? Yes indeed I would. Because it makes me happy when the words fall together and the picture comes. And the make believe people do things that delight me..." 

Kings comment reminded me of when I often question why I write, blog, or, bang away at the piano. And the answer for me - (although the feeling is sometimes short lived,) is the same as Kings: because it makes me happy. I too love when everything comes alive and I see the picture or hear the music - good, bad and in my very wishful thinking - just maybe, oh so like King.


  1. Thrift shops are like finding treasure in the trash. They are one of my favourite places to find books I'd long forgotten about. On the otherhand the smell of a new unread book can't be beaten either. Great blog