Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tough Love Ringtones

It could happen anywhere, but it happened here in Nassau, The Bahamas.

The Tribune, a local newspaper recently reported that the June prom and graduation ceremony of St. John's College* was nixed by the Anglican Central Education Authority (ACEA). This drastic ruling was mandated due to the alleged "impudent acts" performed by a select group of students. It was further stated that another incident occurred where the students configured their cell phones to set off ringtones during a service.

The arduous and reverberating decision made by the ACEA, which affected the innocent as well, has resulted in a pending law case brought on by the disgruntled parents to recoup graduation funds previously paid. Aside from pending legalities, some students conducted their own graduation ceremony, but are still minus the memories of prom.

I can imagine the disappointment of all, and the outrage of some. I can even imagine some saying, "How dare they!"

Yes, indeed. How dare they. This was not only a bold and difficult verdict, it was a courageous one as well. I doubt that the decision was easy. In fact, I'd venture that the ACEA employed "Tough Love," where disciplinary actions were enforced to teach that all things in life have consequences.

In Nassau, where crime is of considerable concern, what message would have ringtoned had these alleged misdemeanors been overlooked? If rules are not followed by the impressionable young, will that not encourage the birth or growth of a decaying society?

A poll was devised by The Tribune asking readers if they agreed with the decision of the ACEA to cancel the graduation and prom. With 521 votes to date, here are the current statistics:

Yes 244 votes


No 277 votes


I find it difficult to fathom the "No's" winning, thereby endorsing blatant disrespect for authority. What say you? To follow the voting, click Cancelled.

*FYI: In The Bahamas, some schools contain the word "College," in their name, however, this does not signify that it is an institution of the higher level associated with that of a college or university.  

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