Saturday, July 6, 2013

4th of July Expenses

The previous post was written while I was in The Bahamas. Today's post finds me in the celebrity-packed Hamptons of Eastern Long Island, New York. No. I haven't sighted any note-worthies - yet. However, July has just begun.

For our 4th of July, we celebrated in the usual family tradition; sitting on fold-up chairs haphazardly arranged on the rocky beach, breathlessly waiting for the sky to explode. It didn't matter what cardinal point we faced; the multicolored fireworks mushroomed from four different directions. Both young and old oohed and aahed at the transfiguration above. Aside from being spectacular, the open-air show was delightfully cost-free.

Earlier in the day, two of the nine-year-olds got into an artsy mood. Befitting of the 4th, they painted American flags on plain wood found lying around. When I finally saw their masterpieces drying in the sun, I was amazed at their creativity. Of course, I praised the little artists. I even ventured that novelty shops in Sag Harbor, East Hampton and such would probably sell them for up to $30 each. A big mistake.

About an hour later, I asked if I could buy one, but at a lesser price. After all, I had connections. I was shocked when both girls adamantly said, "No." And to think that one is even my granddaughter!

Next time, I'll refrain from making any monetary remarks and just keep my mouth shut. Oh, those little buggers!

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  1. Your little artists did a great job! Very professional looking. Hope you get to keep one at a savings.

  2. Jeralyn, you have such lovely family traditions and so much fun in the Hamptons! You are very lucky to be able to enjoy the best of both worlds. I loved the way you wrote about your special July 4th time with your family.

  3. Thank you Fay and yes, I agree - I am lucky!