Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Note to My Kids

The tide was really low early this morning. I don't think I've seen it so far out before, and not even a red tide. Clear - no seaweed - no jellies, or 'plastic,' as the kids reminded me of how I sometimes refer to those stinging jellyfish. 

Noyac Bay is truly incredible. I wonder what's up with that? Summer's end, maybe?

I stared for a long time at the flat stillness of the bay and tried waiting around for everyone to wake. I even banged on the ceiling, and the pots and pans like grandma use to do, but not a peep - just some melodic snores. Must have been the Modelos from last night. I did warn you all. Glad I didn't have any.  

I figured that with you all being late sleeping prima donnas, you'd need your coffee and bagels first. After that - stretching and a jog. Yep, I know your routine. I hope that exercise stuff mixes well with beer and the 3.5 mile sweaty jog under the hot noon sun and over the bridge. Geese. Come to think of it, by the time that all happens, if I sit around and wait, low tide will be history. Then when the tide changes, I'll miss my adult swim, floating on my back and enjoying flood tide. Maybe even Itsy and Bitsy and their four cygnets will swim by and molt a treasured feather or two. Hiss, hiss. 

Nope. I love you all very much and do enjoy your laughter, but I'm not waiting another second. Like Tony and Donnie said, "Forgedaboudit!" There's just too much to miss.

OK. So, I'm taking the green kayak, but I'll leave the life preserver and paddle behind. The kayak seems like a good transporter for whatever I find. The stand up paddle board doesn't have any place to store things, so that doesn't work. (We gotta remember to get a wire basket for next time. Oh, and a tube to hold everything. This way we won't lose any clams. Had enough of those kiddie buckets, with the cheap plastic handles breaking all the time.) 

I don't get it. I'm back from clamming and all of you are still asleep?  OMG!  Unbelievable, but - it's your vacation. You know the saying, "You snooze, you lose."

Anyway, I managed to get 15 chowder clams, along with 8 huge -  like really huge scungilli. Oh, and I took the pitch fork and got some steamers, but we can't have them tonight.
I have to strain them for a few days to get the sand out. When you get off your sleeping butts, maybe you can walk out in the water and get some cherry stones. Oh, and how about some little necks for clams on the half shell? We have plenty of lime, Tobasco and Ketchup to go with them. But, you'll probably need some more beer :) Chuckle, chuckle. 

Since you are still sleeping, I'm going to Trout Pond. I need to 
rinse off. You know how the water there is ice cold just like always -  but icy refreshing. 

I'm back at the house and reading your note. What? You didn't see me out by the sand bar? And, I missed you when I went to Trout? Did you like - LOOK?

OK. I'm calm. I didn't just partake in a 21 day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak and not learn to at least be calm! Please!

I watched some kids jumping off the dock at Trout. Made me think of swinging off the old rope, way before it became a darn park. I liked it better then - before all the outsiders started trucking in and swimming there. Last time there was even a family from Jersey! Imagine.

Couple of people there from Noyac, too. We chatted about how they want to bring Pine Neck back. Oh, remember?  I told you how the area we live in is actually Pine Neck, Noyac but no one refers to Pine Neck anymore.It's just plain Noyac, which works for me.

OK. Fine. I know how everyone wanted to go to the ocean. I hope you went to Cameron. The inlet is packed, I mean p a c k e d with blue claws, and the kids really do enjoy catching them. Hope you took a net or two. Oh, and the crabbing license just in case the cops were checking. And, please - no females! 

I would have liked to have gone. You know how much I love the ocean on a calm day; no rip tide or undertow, especially at Sagaponac. But, I have to admit, there's more kids stuff at Cameron. 

No. Come to think of it, I'm just fine here at the house with the bay shimmering back at me. I'm glued to Dan Rattiner's latest book - Still in The Hamptons: More Tales of the Rich, the Famous and the Rest of Us. Maybe some of the wealth will fall off the pages and a lovely white yacht will be awaiting me at flood tide. 

Actually, this frees me up to make Manhattan clam chowder (MCC). But, I'm preparing it the way Flash did -  bacon, green peppers and all. Don’t make those organic faces at me! I know that stinky swine is at the bottom of the food chain.You both told me a dozen times, at least. I got it. It's either Paleo, Organic, Gluten-Free or you're not eating it. I know! But, MCC just isn’t MCC without the greasy bacon!

When you get back, check out the Scgunilli Salad I made. Let me know if you want the recipe, but I'll probably give it to you like Great Grandma use to; a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

See ya later. It's flood tide. I'm going for my adult swim.

Hamptons Homemade Scgunilli Salad


  1. I love this, Jeralyn!! You need to submit it somewhere. It's super :-) Looks like it's almost 1,000 words, so there are several markets you can aim it at.

  2. Fay, Fay, Fay - you are too kind! If you find the market - let me know :)