Thursday, September 26, 2013

New Friends

A year a and half later, I still receive requests to autograph a book from time to time. It's always a pleasure for which I am truly grateful. On top of that, I get to meet some awesome kids and their families - including pets and best friends.

Just yesterday, I was thrilled to sign six copies of The Big Bad Rain Monster. I met Owen and his brother Griffin, the three dogs and of course Mom and Grandma. Owen was kind enough to introduce me to his good friends, Mario and Toad of Nintendo fame. 

While I was penning a little greeting in each book, I realized that I was dressed more like 50 Shades of Gray than perhaps a children's author, but Mario, Toad and even Owen and Griffin didn't seem to mind.


  1. You are so wonderful with children, Jeralyn! That's why your book "The Big Bad Rain Monster" is such a hit with them. Of course, it is so well written and illustrated as well.

  2. Thanks Fay - you are too kind!