Monday, November 11, 2013

In the Green

I put up the Christmas tree today. 

Oh, you think that's odd that I have the time, what 
with trying to write 50,000 words by November 30th for NaNoWriMo? Or, that it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and Christmas is about six weeks away, so why the tree? Is that what you mean?

I give in. I'll tell. I bought that fake green thing years back. Traveling for Christmas, I didn't want to return to a treeless home. How sad. Since no one was around to water a real one, I got this one. The truth is, I don't like fake trees. After that one time, I stored it neatly in the original box. I'm over fake trees. They don't do justice to Christmas. So, today I took it out; assembled it with the help of that fluffy, blonde creature who confiscated an ornament in exchange for her hard labor; and intend to put the tree and stand online for sale on The Bahamas equivalent of Yep. Here in da Bahamas, we do tings our way, mon.

Oh, where am I with NaNoWriMo? Thanks for asking. I'm in the green with 19,268 words. A mere 30,732 remaining to write.  

2013 NaNoWriMo Participant


  1. That's a nicely shaped tree! It's worth keeping. I like your office set up too!

    Congrats on your huge number of words for Nanowrimo. You're way ahead :-)

  2. Thanks for the congrats as I word away.