Saturday, November 30, 2013

NaNoWriMo Hours Left to Write

Family members visited this past Thanksgiving week; kids and adults all hoping for gorgeous sunny, swimming days. Instead, the weather was horrible. Downpours, scattered showers and bleak skies prevailed. However, we managed one magnificent day on Paradise Island, sitting on the ultra sandy white beach, under a hot heavy sunny sky. We enjoyed jet ski rides, walks on the beach, yoga stretches and yummy Pina Colidas - virgin and not.

The grandchildren had their kid swim in the pool, while this grandma enjoyed her “adult or grandma swim" in the semi-rough ocean. Because of the turbulence out at sea, the usually calm ocean was almost as rough as in the Hamptons, but one learns to never turn a back to a wave. 

On the almost constant rainy days, we drove aimlessly around this island, seven miles wide, 21 miles long, staring at the sights, shopping and enjoying the local food and drink. We had our tastes of conch salads galore, Sands and Kalik beers, some conch fritters and crack conch and back to more windshield wiper driving. In many ways, Nassau is also similar to the Hamptons when it rains – there’s not much to do.

Now that family has left and the house is ever so quiet, the race is on to complete NaNoWriMo. This is my first time back writing since November 21st. With less than 18 hours to complete, and a word count of only 32,529 -  can I finish on time?

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  1. Glad you and the family had a good time, despite the weather. Sounds like you still packed in a lot. "Togetherness" is the main thing!