Thursday, November 7, 2013

NaNoWriMo on Target

My second day of working at the casino is now behind me.

In need of a change, I happened to drive past the casino when the brainstorm hit me: I could work the casino. I could do it!

Familiar with the layout, I realized it had everything I required. I just needed the right table. Of course, the hotel guests had the really ideal ones, but I managed to locate my perfect table. Although directly across from the bar, the four chair table sat an ample distance away.

I didn't play the slots, roulette or Blackjack, but I had the house advantage.

The overhead music didn't disturb me, but today, a few local chaps plopped at the bar, evidently in party mode, perhaps celebrating TGIF in advance. When their voices got a bit rowdy, the floor manager intervened, thank goodness. (I work better when my hearing isn't impaired by wild, loud noises. Classical music suits me most times.)

Well into my writing, I stretched my hands as a preventive means against Carpal Tunnel and surprisingly, I witnessed an older couple playing hide and seek. The woman giggled and hid behind a wide, round pole. She noticed my amusement and smiled, while I watched the man in pursuit of her. I found their game quite charming.

A guy on the cell, apparently his company's top IT man, paced the length of the carpet, throwing his arms in the air, every so often. I surmised that his office back home had a tidal wave of a problem.

After the scenes I witnessed, I realized that working the casino promised an interesting setting for developing plots.

Mystery writer, Agatha Christie wrote basically anywhere, including an old Victorian bathtub. I figured if  she could write anywhere, why couldn't I?  Hence, my casino writing days. 

It's Day 7 of NaNoWriMo. The targeted amount for today is 11,669 words. Currently, I'm 195 words over the daily requirement. I'm definitely a winner today and right on target! 



  1. Congratulations Jeralyn! That's great that you're ahead with your words :-)

  2. I love your imagination!
    Barbara S-P

  3. Hey, that's a wordy challenge. Good luck!