Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Blogger Commandments and Angels

Somewhere in blogger cyberworld there's a bit about the "Do's" and "Don'ts" on blogging, or what I refer to as - The Blogger Commandments. Guilty I am of not practicing all the commandments, but I do try. One sacred blogger commandment is: Thou shalt not start another blog. It makes sense, doesn't it? Launching another blog takes time and effort away from the "heart" blog. I get this. Yet, what did I do back in January? I started another blog! 

Last month, I wrote here about the blog I created at CaringBridge (CB). Although I don't spend all my time blogging at CB, I do exert enough effort and time to realize the drawbacks of maintaining this other blog. Sure, CB is an uplifting, resourceful blog and a comfort for all. The downfall is that it causes time spent away from Jeralyn Writes. Additionally, the CB site, which is by invitation only, has increasing readership and comments; I find myself writing there and not here on Jeralyn Writes. Then too, both blogs exhaust the free time left for my actual writing. When do I get time for just writing? So, what to do?

I am determined to keep blogging away at both blogs. Unfortunately, I will also continue to be guilty of not following the The Blogger Commandments. But, right now, I've been afforded some clemency and can do justice for both blogs by including an excerpt here of the recent post to CaringBridge.


Many of Vanessa's clients resided outside Bahamas. After a business trip it was guaranteed that Vanessa arrived back to the office with trinkets and gifts. (She's a woman and therefore good at shopping. Remember?)

After one particular trip, Vanessa presented Ivan with a gift - a stone, but not just an ordinary stone.
No, this particular stone was clear, and lying on the inside was a beautiful angel. Both angel and stone are referred to as a Healing Angel, or Worry Stone. Vanessa told Ivan that the stone was his guardian angel and he's carried it in his pocket ever since. On occasions, Ivan's misplaced the stone. That's when the worry ensues, as does a huge, man or woman hunt to find the cherished possession. (Most often, it's a woman hunt, as women are good hunters).

On the morning of the most recent flight to Miami, Ivan couldn't find the stone. He was very distressed, yet had no further time to hunt and rescue. Therefore, he left home without his guardian angel. Even if Ivan didn't speak of it, the absence of the stone and the significance of it loomed large on his mind. Ivan managed to get through the rest of the day, with the next day starting his appointments at the University of Miami Hospital (UMH).

At UMH, three nurses of different levels tend to Ivan in the treatment unit. One nurse weighs Ivan in and takes his vitals. After a wait, the prep nurse gets him comfortable and ready for treatment. Her job is to make certain he gets the timely medication to prevent nausea. Another nurse confirms that Ivan did indeed receive the correct package of treatment and administers the injections. (Women are good at giving injections and inflicting pain :)

On the first day of treatment, this round, Ivan met a new nurse. With a big, friendly smile, she turned and faced Ivan and said, "Good morning, my name is ANGEL. I am your nurse for the day and I will take good care of you." (Of course, women are good caregivers too.)

So, you see, even if Ivan left his stone angel in Bahamas, he had a real live one in the hospital. It further proves that there are angels everywhere; all you have to do is look for a woman. You know - women are angels too and good at it.