Saturday, February 1, 2014


I'm back in the players groove. I rejoined a very jovial and multi-national group of ladies for their weekly Mahjongg game.

Not familiar with the obviously boisterous, competitive and entertaining Chinese board game? If that's the case, it's best to first sit back and observe while each player builds a "wall" with the 136 tiles and proceeds to form a particular pattern. Additionally, there's the distinctive jargon to master (words such as "Chow, Pung, Kong,"), the designs to learn and the strategies to fully conquer. Some suggests that the game is similar to playing Rummy in cards. But, as hinted, it's best to sit back, watch and learn.

For the past months, members shared the hosting of games at their residences. However, Breezes SuperClub, the all-inclusive oceanfront resort on Cable Beach, Nassau, offered more space, refreshments and lunch - all for $10.00; a deal the ladies could not refuse. 

And, let me tell you - OMG, do those ladies love their Mahjongg! I remember one time when the woman on my right won repeatedly. Each win led to her scream, "I've got Mahjongg, I've got Mahjongg." I'm still trying to regain my hearing in that ear. And, to think that some great minds believe that playing Mahjongg is an effective way to avoid dementia. Hmmmm...., did any of those highly intelligent professionals stop and think about how Mahjongg affects hearing loss?

Due to a prior engagement on my most recent Mahjongg adventure, the weather being sunny, but cool that Bahama morning, I arrived at the Cable Beach strip just before noon, two hours shy of the first game. When the cloud of dust cleared in the open air parking lot, my sunglasses almost fell off my nose as I gaped at the wall of construction that loomed in front of me. There stood a work in progress:  Baha Mar, the future Bahamian Riviera.

Baha Mar under construction
Of course, I'd seen it plenty of times before, all from the other side of the strip where joggers and walkers pound the terrain; traffic flows east and west; and people walk their dogs or, in some cases, the dogs walk the people. But, once that cloud of dirt lifted, the great big wall stood smack in front of me; pretty hard to miss. I agreed with a tourist on the pathway next to me who uttered "It's so very huge!"

To get an idea of what the future promises, click on the photo below. 

Baha Mar - The Bahamian Riviera

Move over Atlantis. The future is coming:
Baha Mar - The Bahamian Riviera.


  1. My husband and I were thinking of visiting the Bahamas near to end of year for our anniversary. After seeing the videos that you linked to, we might just wait till the site is opened and go there. Thanks for linking to this. And about Marjhong, I have no clue how to play that but it sounds interesting.

  2. Thanks for the comment and let me know if you visit Bahamas.