Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Camp Update

In a random placement, excluding myself, all the writers in my first cabin at Camp NaNoWrimo were 19 years old and under. I debunked before I even considered unpacking. Nothing against the tykes, but I couldn't handle the steep age difference without an overbearing essence of antiquity moving in with me. 

For my second cabin-fitting attempt, I thought I'd outsmart any future random selection; I opted for a cabin full of older folks. Oops. The writers were indeed older, but most didn't know how to navigate a computer. I quickly opted out of that one as well.

My third and final cabin: Again, a random pick, with the youngest 13 and the oldest writer, 47. Other than my greeting to those cabin mates, "Grandma's in the house," not a peep out of them. So much for community!

I guess camping, like writing, is indeed a lonely ordeal.

As far as my Camp writing, my goal is a mere 10,001 words. To date, I'm at 3,134 words.

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