Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cat Sitting With a View

Look beyond this screened-in second floor porch. See the Royal Palm treelined road? Just a mere stroll down, past the colorful condos, lies the famous eye-catching waters of The Bahamas. Notice the hint of brilliant turquoise coloring? To the left and right of that gorgeous sea spans miles and miles of soft white sand waiting for wet footsteps. 

When a friend asked if I would spend some time here this week to check on her cats, could I say 'No'? 

Was she kidding me? Cat sit and write from here?  No problem, mon! 

A Writers View


  1. What a gorgeous spot, Jeralyn! Which part of New Providence is this?

  2. I'm always excited and grateful when someone leaves a comment. I confess, I'm even excited if that someone just happens to be that same someone - and a writer that shines even more these days with her numerous published short stories. Thanks FK. And, to answer the question: Love Beach