Saturday, May 31, 2014

Let's Write a Short Story!

May 31, 2014

Dear Joe Bunting,

I not only downloaded, but also printed out a copy of your informative ebook, Let's Write a Short Story! My personal copy, which is now full of yellow highlighted sentences and paragraphs, is evidence of how useful Let's Write a Short Story! is.

Joe, because I think your primer is the ticket to getting short stories published, I accept your challenge and announce here on Jeralyn Writes that I will write a short story and submit it to a literary magazine.

I hope to get back to you with my progress.

Word for word, I am sincerely grateful to you for Let's Write a Short Story!

Jeralyn Lash-Sands


  1. Woohoo! Good luck, Jeralyn! Excited to hear how it goes. :)

  2. Sounds good! Good luck with your short story, Jeralyn :-)

  3. Thanks Fay. It's a challenge, and maybe with the tips from Joe Bunting, I might get somewhere with the story - at least get it out there.

  4. Jeralyn, I liked the short story you read to the writer's group that time. Something to do with a house.

  5. Thanks Fay. Now you have me wondering which short you have in minds, as I've written more than one about a house.

  6. I wish "In the Hamptons." Soon.