Sunday, May 11, 2014

On Motherhood

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Thinking of my mom, I revisited last year's post entitled, "Remembering Mom." Of course, the writer in me revised it. Guess it's never too late to edit, edit, edit!

God bless all Mom's with the warm rainbow of family - today and always.


  1. My mother passed over 20 years ago and sometimes a song (she was very musical) will remind me of her and the tears flow as I realize how much I still miss her. Mothers are so a part of who we are that even though we don't realize it when we are growing up when they are no longer with us, and we ourselves become mothers, that's when the full impact of the connection we share with our mothers hit us. On Mothers Day and all the days of the year, we need to stop and chrish our mothers for they are us and we are them. Thank you for sharing Jeralyn.

    1. It's extraordinary how some of us become like our mothers, even after trying to be different. Thank you too for sharing about your mom.