Saturday, June 7, 2014

Rule #2: Always Be Prepared

It being a long weekend here in The Bahamas - something to do with Labour Day and Whit Monday - I decided to pack up my swim gear, iPod and fictional book of 700+ pages and drive east towards Cabbage Beach on Paradise Island (P.I.). There, I'd find the turquoise sea - warm and clear. Since Atlantis and the exclusive Ocean Club Estates topped off opposite ends of the beach, I could also enjoy a swim and a stroll that spanned approximately 1 3/4 miles.

By the time I approached the one dollar toll bridge, a story had rolled around in the many compartments of my cluttered mind. Miraculously, I even had an ending. Oh, joy! I knew I had to write it all down before the dust gathered and the story went south. At that point, Rule #2 of My Writing Life came to mind: Always be prepared. I did a quick mental inventory and became a bit disheartened when I realized - I wasn't prepared at all. I didn't have a laptop, or any computerized device to enable my writing. I also didn't have a pen or pencil, or paper of any kind. I had committed a most grievous sin. And so, I panicked.

I reached the toll booth in a sweat. As I took out a Bahamian dollar, I contemplated how to remedy the situation. The front desk of the popular resort I'd be planted in front of for most of the afternoon had what I needed. But, along with the towels and chairs, and use of the facilities, did I want to ask them for writing material as well? I drove further and as I passed the cluster of tourist shops on P.I., I stopped and parked. For sure, I could find what I needed there. Wrong!

With the onset of the dual holiday, most of the stores had closed. One clothing boutique promised that either the grocery or the pharmacy had such items. Really? That idea proved wrong as well. Just as the buzzer sounded to allow my exit, I eyed the perfect solution to my lack of pen and paper: A brown paper bag.

Paper Bag Writing


  1. I once got trapped in an elevator years ago for a whole hour with nothing to write on. All I could do is look at the four walls! That was before mobile phones. How about your mobile phone? Doesn't your cell phone have a sound recorder on it? Also a little notepad?

  2. Lol. The suggestion is high-tech! Thanks.