Monday, July 14, 2014

Playing Games

I like to play games. Do you?

On February 1st, I wrote a post entitled, "Walls." If you read it, you already know I play Mahjongg, a competitive board game. To add to that, I also play Chess.

The Chess games I currently play are at my leisure; at anytime of the day or night; anywhere in the world; and excluding one, with players I have not met and most likely, will never meet. My competition is within my range - either a bit higher or lower. There's no pressure and no fee, but premium membership with extra frills is a possibility.

Oh, I almost forgot to state: I can make a play and not return to the board for days. My opponent will be there waiting for my return - no questions asked.

Although I'm not great at Chess, I do enjoy it. And, as it is with my writing, the more I practice, the better I become.

Care to challenge me to a game?  I play under the appropriate name for me, "Beachhouse."

If you find me playing online - behind the King or Queen, don't forget to remind me -  we first met here at JeralynWrites.

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  1. These types of games are stimulating and probably afford you more topics to write about.