Friday, August 22, 2014

Still a Writer

Summertime usually finds me in The Hamptons surrounded by sun, fun and cherished family members.

Relatives travel as far as Colorado and Maryland to gather on the panoramic deck for daily shucked Little Neck Clams on the half shell; sweet, locally grown corn (a meal in itself); and homemade Long Island Clam Chowder.

For the most part, days are spent in front of the house where the Peconic Bay, in all it's magnificence, graces us. How grateful we all are to be blessed with such a gift: the sea and all its charm. And, of course - the swans.

In the evenings the big "kids" take the little kids to Big Olaf's in town, for huge waffle cones filled with yummy scoops of ice cream. Cotton Candy flavor made the top of the list this summer.

Watching the mushrooming sun set on the yacht-lined Long Wharf goes well with ice cream. We casually stroll along, licking the stream of ice cream as it runs down the cone, while checking out the sights and celebrities in Sag Harbor. With so many deers on Long Island, deer sighting is also an option; or, even a ghostly ride to the cemetery works too. There, a big kid is certain to entertain the idea of something very strange walking amidst the graves. I can still hear the young ones screaming, "Let's go home!" Yet, when we offer to leave, they don't want to!

Summer is a busy time which finds my writing schedule ebbing away from me like the tide. Unless I steal alone moments while the others are showering or otherwise self-contained, I find myself not writing.

This summer, I decided: I AM NOT WRITING! In fact, I didn't even bring my laptop with me. Then I wondered: Is a writer still a writer if she doesn't write?

The answer is: Of course she is.

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