Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sit Back or Take The Plunge

Before getting out of bed, I thought about what I wanted to accomplish during the day; not much, considering it being the weekend and sleep met me intermittently throughout the long night. Not wishing to totally waste the day, I choose two goals: write a blog post and exercise. Apart from my goals and routine daily responsibilities, if I accomplished anything else, I'd consider it icing.

Looking outside, I noted clouds hovered above, yet their grim appearance didn't dissuade me from getting out the rusted old bike. A tour of the canal-lined neighborhood seemed a good idea. Perhaps I would stop at a friend's house and chat or cycle over to the coffee shop for a tasty cappuccino.

I checked the tires on the bike, knowing at least one needed air. Turned out both were flat, probably from lack of use. I found the sleek silver pump and went to work. The back tire filled nicely, but the front gave me an unexpected workout. When finished, I put the pump away and wheeled the bike to the driveway. I then sat on the padded seat and looked down. To my disappointment, the front tire flattened completely. Hadn't I just filled it?

Back in the house, I again located the pump, walked outside and proceeded to pump, but not before the rain fell, rinsing my hair, arms and legs with a shower. No matter. Since the day had already heated up, the rain water cooled me off quite nicely. To hell with how I looked. Gee, did I really think that?

I pumped hard, but the tire refused to fill. I gave up and wheeled the bike back to its storage area while I considered my alternatives. Seeing that I had on my walking shoes, it was a no-brainer. I decided to walk.

Although I barely sauntered a notable distance, I had time enough to mentally write two blog posts. If I could sit down and write one post over the weekend, I'd reach my goals. Dwelling on the idea, my writing thoughts were interrupted by a burn of discomfort behind my ankle. Could I be getting a blister? No way. The Nikes were hardly new.

Stubbornness and defiance led me on; pain brought me to a full stop. I took off shoes and socks and carefully walked towards home.

Nearing the community pool, I had an idea: Dare I take a plunge? I didn't have on a bathing suit. Would anyone mind? I contemplated changing. It required little time to do so, but considering my two dogs were sleeping, I decided to let sleeping dogs lie. Looking sheepishly around, the gated community appeared void of people and traffic.

I took the plunge.

While I joyously floated and gazed up at the mischievous sun ducking behind the clouds, I thought about how writing is similar to life: we either take the plunge or sit back and let others do it.

On the short walk home, a neighbor stepped outside. She took one look at my dripping self and I knew I was busted. I gave her big smile and kept walking. It didn't matter what she thought. I was off to accomplishing my goals. 

What about you? Did you sit back or did you take a personal plunge this weekend?


  1. Ha ha, Jeralyn! I think the best part is when you say it didn't matter what your neighbour thought! Good advice for writing!
    Pam from tribe writers.

    1. Thank you Pam for commenting. I'll have to head on over to The Tribe and check out your writing samples as well. One writer helper another, isn't that what it's all about?

  2. On a very hot evening, walking around Goodman's Bay, I've often thought what a freedom it would be to plunge into the ocean fully clothed! You did it. Well done :-) Glad you're taking the plunge with your writing too!