Sunday, September 14, 2014

"The Writer's Prayer" by Fay Knowles

While I continue to author two blogs; write an occasional short story to store with others in my overflowing filing cabinet; and, most recently undertake an online writing course - (forever the student), Fay Knowles is actively getting published, and I am in awe!
I take pride in stating that Author Knowles and I have a personal connection. We met several years ago at a local writing group here in Nassau, The Bahamas. During our friendship, I learned that Scottish born Knowles made The Bahamas her home decades ago, and like me, started writing at an early age.

While merely a teen, Author Knowles received training as a reporter.  In addition to her reporting career, Knowles studied writing in England and the United States. Her recent works include short stories published in: “The Lady" magazine, London, England; poetry in the British magazine "Evergreen"; and feature stories and articles in the Bahamas and U.K.

On behalf of Author Knowles, I'm proud to announce  the publication of, “The Writer’s Prayer,” a poem she wrote and originally published as “The Evergreen Prayer” in the winter 2013 edition of the British magazine “Evergreen.”

Author Knowles not only wrote the inspirational and hopeful poem for all writers, she released it as a song and made it into a celebrated family experience.  Her Bahamian born husband, Erskine Knowles is credited for the music, guitar and vocal accompaniment, while her son, Gavin Knowles of The Element Studio, produced it. To view the lyrics and listen to the upbeat island-influenced music, make sure your volume is on and click:

Over the past months, Knowles dedicated at least an hour each day to write her first novel. Evidently, her hard work and determination paid off. Author Knowles is now on the second edit of the family saga set in The Bahamas and Scotland. 

To find out more about Knowles and her writing, visit her blog at: Bahamas Writer.


  1. Thanks for your kind words and encouragement, Jeralyn! I had a goal to write the first draft of my novel in three months, but by writing several hours a day, I managed to complete the first draft of 80,000 words in just under two months. I wrote on my computer at home, scribbled in a notebook while my husband was driving, or wrote in the same notebook over lunch or coffee while we were out. I've now finished the second edit. One more edit to go, then I'll start querying possible agents. Hope your writing is going well. Best wishes, Fay

  2. Hi Jeralyn - we have a new link for The Writer's Prayer now:-
    Thanks! - Fay