Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Birth of a New Year

I don't go out on New Year's Eve. One reason being, one of my dogs is highly afraid of fireworks. She's the same guilty dog who inspired my writing The Big Bad Rain Monster. Over the years, her quirky mannerisms taught the other dog how to be afraid of fire-works, thunder and also lightening. Now I have two dogs afraid and crazed at the same time. Lucky me. So, I use the dogs as an excuse to stay home on New Year's Eve. I could also use pain, or lack of sleep as reasons, as well. Or, how about - I'm just too old for this stuff.

Last night, New Year's Eve, I intended to read first, followed by falling asleep before the cracking of the noise. The first part worked. I read. Yet, when I thought I was ready to sleep, the wheels kept spinning in my head. I inherited this unintentional ability from my father who complained about the wheels spinning in his head. I've since learned his comment is the same thing as my saying - I can't stop thinking; the wheels in my brain keep rehashing events. It's a curse and I've been cursed with it.

While the curse overwhelmed me last night, I rolled over and caught the fireworks in action. I first saw them through the small slats and round holes in the hurricane shutters. I even heard their loud banging noise, as if 20 guns were being fired in succession. Thank goodness I purposely had a noisy fan running in the bedroom dulling all the racket outside. I also remembered to have the instigator-of-fear-dog wear her Thunder Jacket. With the fan and the jacket, the dogs slept peacefully. I can't say the same for myself. I guess it is a dog's life after all.

Taking it all in, I must admit - witnessing the sky brightly sparkling in a sundry of colors placed a smile on my sleepy face. Even if the wheels spinning in my head caused me sleeplessness, the light show with audio was worth it.

With the birth of a New Year, I extend best wishes to all. Please enjoy good health and cheer; new beginnings and an ample amount of sleep.

Happy 2015!


  1. I enjoyed reading how you spent New Year's. Sometimes it's better to stay put. Happy New Year to you.

  2. I too suffer from spinning wheels Jeralyn. Enjoyed this article very much. Happy New Year.

  3. AuthorEvels, thank you for leaving a comment. I am now wondering if "creative" people suffer more so than the multitude from "spinning wheels?" Hmmmm, something to think and possibly blog about.

  4. I've enjoyed finding your blog and reading some of the posts.