Saturday, February 21, 2015

Writer Prone to Distractions

I've been doing a ton of writing lately. The thing is, none of my recent writings are on paper, or even here on my little blog. I call this particular ongoing dilemma: Mental Writing, where (hopefully) catchy sentences and stories bounce around in my blond head, and there, alas, they sadly remain. Most of the time while thus engaged, I'm lying on the floor keeping company with my furry blind dog. Oh, drats. Just think of all the stories I could tell - if only I wrote them down.

At the point where I do manage to sneak away from my sleeping friend and sit down to write, I find myself with yet another dilemma: I have not one, but three topics buzzing around in which to write about. (When it rains, it does pour.) To further mash it all up, due to the lure of distractions, I eventually sway away from writing and make a move on an online chess game; read another blog and comment; and go through my emails - opening one or two.

Last week, while overcome by the above mentioned distractions,  I zoned in on  an email from Mary Jaksch, the Chief Editor of Write to Done a very successful blog. Mary proposed a challenge: Write a mini-story of up to 350 words concerning the photo below and paste it to her blog.

Writing Prompt: What story does this picture tell?
Write-To-Done  2/14/15

I've participated in story prompts before, but being prone to distractions, I decided to take the challenge. Game on!

Somewhere on Mary Jaksch's blog is my take on the couple in the photo. Of course, being a writer, I went back and edited - a few times. I finally called it quits - I think. Not sure if I measured up. But here it is:


  1. When you have ideas and sentences buzzing around in your head, write them down. Then take them one by one and turn them into a story. Writing prompts keep your hand in as well. Good practice and practice makes perfect!