Monday, April 6, 2015

In Memory of Lady Chee-Chee

Three years after publication, the pages of The Big Bad Rain Monster are well worn. On Monday of last week, these same pages were dripping with tears over the loss of its real life character, Chee-Chee.

Referred to as Lady Chee-Chee in the beautifully illustrated children's book , she left us quite suddenly, with all the grace of the Lady we knew her to be. The demon that took her wasn't thunderclap, nor lightning or any other frightening sounds found in The Big Bad Rain Monster. Her real-life demon was cancer, gone undetected up to the final hours.

Although we grieve her loss immensely, we know she is with friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in peace, Lady Chee-Chee. You were indeed a lovely and inspiring Lady.

Lady Chee-Chee ©


  1. So very sorry for your loss, Jeralyn. This is a beautiful tribute to Lady Chee-Chee.

  2. Many thanks Fay for your expression of sorrow. Many thanks too to all the others that have written in on the passing of Lady Chee-Chee. She is missed.