Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lifelong Friend

After spending time reading emails and a much welcomed online conversation, I took a break and went outdoors. There in the canal, I spotted a neon colored beach ball. The ball drifted alone, appearing lost at sea. It got me thinking.

I'm not currently lost, nor alone, but I've been both at times. I'll wager most of us have; it's all part of being human. What's befuddled me is how some folks managed to maintain life-long friendships. Really, how did they do that? After all, life does happen. We move on, sometimes leaving behind friends and even family.

I continued to watch the ball slowly pass by as my thoughts deepened.

Until recently, I believed I had left behind all my childhood friendships. Yet, gloriously three times now, I've discovered I'm so wrong. I'm happy about being wrong, for slowly, oh so slowly like the tide, childhood friends are drifting back to me.

My latest reunion is with Susan who reminded me of certain funny things we did together, some too embarrassing to share! In our back and forth bantering, Susan wrote we were "just two old schoolmates meeting after almost half a century!" Of course, I set her straight and told her I am not old!!!! Afterwards, I jumped into the conversation with full gusto, recalling our silly, schoolgirl memories.

Later that afternoon, I paddled out towards the ocean in my single seat kayak. It was one of those flat, calm days, reminiscent of summer. Paddling about, I followed the magnificent Spotted Eagle Rays for as long as they allowed. I then tied up at a nearby dock and enjoyed swimming and lying flat on my back, looking up towards the blue sky and brilliant sun. With a grateful smile, I thought about Susan and rekindled friendships.

Sunny rain drops started to fall as I paddled back towards home. Approaching a sandy area near the canal, I again saw the neon ball. It hugged the shoreline. I steered the kayak over to the ball, and scooped it up. I had in mind to give it to a child.

Just before docking, I glanced down at the rescued ball. It seemed to be smiling up at me knowing it now had a friend, and possibly soon, a lifelong friend.

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