Friday, May 15, 2015

Passing of Local Author - James Burnett

I'm one who believes bad news comes in threes. Sure enough, after hearing about the loss of two people I knew, I discovered the third today while reading the local paper.

I met James Burnett at the initial meeting of The Sunrise Authors here in Nassau, The Bahamas. At the most, we were 15 writers meeting monthly, and of various ages, interested in diverse genres. During introductions, I learned James hailed from Scotland, having spent the last 30+ decades living in Nassau where he worked at the casinos, fitting in writing when he could.

For his website, Captain Chaos, James first wrote true stories about his casino experiences. Afterwards, he explored his growing passion for Science Fiction and Fantasy, and consequently self-published The Wheelwright's Apprentice.  (Due to my ongoing downsizing, I've committed the sin of ridding myself of most of my books. Although I did keep the autographed page, I now kick myself for donating the novel to The Bahamas Humane Society Thrift Shop. At least it went to a good cause.)

James also wrote, The Decision, about a celebrity who avoids his fans by turning into a woman. Clearly, James wore his fantasy cap while writing this story. I remember how we writing club members were oh, so proud of James to learn a publishing house had secured The Decision. 

It's always sad when someone we know passes. When a writer goes on to the next dimension, we are left with not only his words, but also a reminder of his creative imagination.

Rest in Peace - James Burnett.


  1. I was so very sorry to hear this sad news, Jeralyn. Deepest condolences. I didn't know James, but he will live on in his writing. What he achieved, even while so ill, is a great inspiration to us all.

  2. Yes, Fay indeed sad news. Lesley responded to this post via an email and she wrote, "...When I saw James a few weeks ago in Doctors Hospital, he told me he had one book about to be published (The Man in the Middle) and had written 50,000 words each on his next two books, a 'witch' story and a 'vampire' story. He was doing these because he was told he needed a genre.

    He has also written the beginning 20,000 words of a book on the early casino business in the Bahamas, which apparently is fascinating.

    It's amazing James kept on writing even when he was very ill...."

    Surely an inspiration to us all - writers or not.

    Thanks to both you and Lesley for the comments.

  3. I was notified by a follower of this blog The Wheelwright's Apprentice was not about time travel, as I had written. When I thought more on it, I realized the main character instead, disappeared. I therefore corrected it in my post and thank the follower for pointing out my error.