Sunday, July 5, 2015

Hiding in Cluttered Closets

Not much writing going on these days @ JeralynWrites. Instead, I find myself either cleaning out drawers, or cornered in cluttered closets deciding - Do I love it; like it; or use it? - a tip I picked up from Nadia Vee, award winning Interior Design and Feng Shui Consultant. (Thank you, Nadia!) When none of these scenarios fit, I chuck the rejected item, um, donate it to The Bahamas Humane Society Thrift Shop. Why? I'm getting ready to move across the ocean!

While in the middle of sorting out the master walk-in closet, I found a friend safely hiding there - a cherished friend, in fact. We have quite a history, dating back to my teens when I traveled on bus and train for an afternoon visit. In later years, especially when I worked in Manhattan, I walked over during lunch hour, or sometimes, after work.

Maybe you and I share a similar friend? Here's a picture of him:

What's hiding in your cluttered closets?